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3D FloTrix® MSC Serum Free Medium

The 3D FloTrix® Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture Medium is a serum-free and ani-mal-free medium for the proliferation and maintenance of mesenchymal stem cells. With high quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety assurance, it can help our pharmaceutical clients successfully go through drug application processes and expedite the develop-ment of biopharmaceuticals.
3D Stem Cell Culture Medium
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FDA qualification (DMF Type II, Registration No: 038476) 

High configuration specifications, compliant with cGMP production standards

◉ No need to add other growth factors, no need for coating or surface treatment

◉ Complies with cGMP production standards and management

One-Stop Solution to Meet Different Process Needs

◉ Supports primary isolation and continuous passage culture without changing the
culture medium during cell process development, simplifying the approval process 

◉ Supports both 2D and 3D cell culture modes, suitable for large-scale expansion and cultivation of various mesenchymal stem cells

Stable supply, high cost-performance ratio

◉ Independently developed products, stable production capacity, and readily available stock.


Product name



3D FloTrix® mesenchymal stem cell serum-free medium


Basic culture medium:500mL/flask
Culture medium additive:25mL/flask

3D TableTrix® Microcarrier Tablet W01



3D FloTrix® Digest Lysis Buffer R001-500 0.5g
3D FloTrix® vivaSPIN Series Automated Bioreactor System FTVS05/FTVS10/FTVS15 5L/10L/15L
3D FloTrix® vivaPREP PLUS Cell Harvesting System   vivaPREP PLUS  1 host + 1 portable base
3D FloTrix® vivaPREP Series Cell Harvesting System vivaPREP 1 host
3D FloTrix® vivaEXO Exosome Harvesting System FTVE10 1 host


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