3D Iintelligent" Manufacturing Platform for Cells

3D FloTrix® vivaEXO Exosome Harvesting System

The 3D FloTrix® vivaEXO Exosome Harvesting System is an automated solution for large-scale concentration and enrichment of exosomes using multi-stage separation technology. Designed to meet modern medical and hygiene standards, this system's main unit and disposable consumable kits adhere to GMP requirements. It enables real-time parameter recording and precise control, all presented through a user-friendly human-computer interaction interface.
3D FloTrix®
Exosome Harvesting System
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Efficient Processing

◆ Takes only slightly more than 2 hours to process 10L stock solution. 

Easy Operations

◆ Disposable ready-to-use consumable kit with preparation required. 

Automated Processing

◆ Multi-stage processing programmable to start automatically.

High Concentration

◆ Concentrate more than 20 times, yield <500mL for 10L stock solution. 

Process Monitoring

◆ Precise monitoring of volume changes and process progress for automated processing of samples. Monitoring and control of liquid pressure for a balance of exosome quality and processing time. 

Compliance with GMP Audit Requirements

◆ System comes with user management with definable permissions authorization. Full data logging, records of parameter abnormality with alarm prompts, which cannot be modified or deleted. Records are exportable. 

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