3D Iintelligent" Manufacturing Platform for Cells

3D FloTrix® vivaPREP Cell Processing System

3D FloTrix® vivaPREP utilizes the principle of gradient centrifugation, coupled with a disposable closed system, to complete various cell processing steps, including cell resuscitation, washing, and concentration. This system is recommended for processing ≤ 1 billion (mesenchymal stem) cells.
3D FloTrix®
Harvesting System
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■ Easy to operate with GMP compliance

■ Complete data for tracing

■ Fully closed and highly automated system

■ Touchscreen interface enables easy operations

■ Realize the fully closed practice of cell preparations

■ Combing with the 3D FloTrix® 3D large-scale culturing practice of adherent cells, sterilized disposable tubing consumables and associated 3D FloTrix® vivaPREP Cell Collection System can be applied togethe to ensure the enclosed practice during the cell harvesting process

■ The consumables are sterilized by ethylene oxide, produced in a dust-free and ISO13485-standard compliance workshop



Product name


3D FloTrix® vivaPREP Series Cell Processing System

PREP - PP-05

3D FloTrix® vivaPREP Series Cell Processing System-Tubing Package


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