3D Iintelligent" Manufacturing Platform for Cells

3D FloTrix® microSPIN Multiplex System

By combining an electrically driven magnetic agitation device with the innovative 3D FloTrix® 6-Well Plate with Impellers, the 3D FloTrix® microSPIN Multiplex System facilitates simultaneous exploration and validation of various agitation process conditions in a miniaturized setting. This versatile micro system caters to a wide array of applications, including scientific research, drug development and others.
3D FloTrix
6-channel micro-bioreactor
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Biomechanically Mimetic

◈ Magnetically driven impeller generates fluid dynamic to mimic biomechanics 

Micro system
◈ Perform experiments with as little as 4 mL medium to save cost

Disposable sterile consumable
◈ Medical-grade PS with high precision manufacturing to ensure biocompatibility & ease of use 

Save up to 10 Programs
◈ Preset 10 programs for quick start up 

Customized Well Linkage
◈ Link any wells together for parallel processing 

Multiplex with 6 Conditions
◈ Process up to 6 conditions at one time

Flexible & High Precision Control

◈ Set up any kind of agitation program, from constant to intermittent with up to 5 steps and loop up to 100 times. With a minimum steady-state error of rotation speed of ± 1 rpm, and feedback control to ensure precise execution of rotation speed, stability of experimental results is ensured. 

Anti-Interference technology
◈ Embedded with anti-magnetic interference technology to ensure each well operates independently without interference in the constrained space of a 6-well plate. 

Composite heat dissipation design

◈ Highly conductive materials and well-designed heat dissipation air ducts to help maintain a steady-state environment in the wells for cell growt 

Miniaturized & Compact

◈ As thin as 80 mm, and footprint of only 0.05 m², it can be snugged into small incubators.

User-friendly Designs

◈ Controller with 30 degree inclination allows for easy view, and is separated from main engine so you can operate withoutdisturbing the incubator by opening door. Linked by flat data cable to minimize pressure of incubator door.



Product name



3D FloTrix® microSPIN 6-channel micro-bioreactor

1 main engine + 1 controller


Main engine of 3D FloTrix® microSPIN 6-channel micro-bioreactor

1 main engine


Controller of 3D FloTrix® microSPIN 6-channel micro-bioreactor

1 controller


3D FloTrix® microSPIN 3D agitated cell culture plate 1pc/box, 5 boxes/case
W01-200 3D TableTrix® microcarrier tablet W01 2g/box
R001-500 3D FloTrix® Digest lysis buffer 0.5g/box
RMZ112 3D FloTrix® mesenchymal stem cell serum-free medium  Basic culture medium: 500 mL/bottle
Culture medium additive: 25 mL/bottle


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