3D Iintelligent" Manufacturing Platform for Cells

3D FloTrix® microSPIN 6-channel micro-bioreactor

3D FloTrix® microSPIN Multiplex Microbioreactor for 6-well plates is an electric driven magnetic stirring device,combined with 3D FloTrix® stirred cell culture plate. lt can realize synchronous exploration of various process conditions, and ensure the maximum reduction of R&D costs in a dvnamic bionicenvironment. lt is suitable for scientific research (universities / hospitals) , clinical applications (hospitals/testing companies) and R&D applications (pharmaceutical companies/CROs).
3D FloTrix
6-channel micro-bioreactor
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01 Ten process programming

Realize 10 preset process options by one-touch operation.
Convenient and efficient.

02 Customized multi-hole linkage linkage

Support multi-hole linkage, realize the parallel process control

03 6 conditions operating simultaneously

Six process conditions can be explored and verified simultaneously, greatly shortening the R&D cycle 

04 High precision control

The minimum steady-state error of rotation speed is within ± 1 rpm, ensuring the stability of experimental results

05 Precision monitoring devices

Self-feedback control is implemented to ensure precise execution of set rotation speed

06 Anti-magnetic field interference technology

Self-developed anti-magnetic field interference technology, enable the operation of each hole not interfere with each others

07 Combined heat dissipation design

High heat-conducting materials, and independent cooling air duct, maintain a stable environment for cell growth

08 User-friendly design

30 ° tilt design of the screen for easy standing observation
Flat data line is designed to make it easy to pass through the gap

09 Mini model

The overall height of the mini model is only 75 mm, with occupancy area of 0.05 m2
At least four microSPIN bioreactors can be placed in one 170L incubator, enable to get the observations of 24 sets of control experiments at the same time 



Product name



3D FloTrix® microSPIN 6-channel micro-bioreactor

1 main engine + 1 controller


Main engine of 3D FloTrix® microSPIN 6-channel micro-bioreactor

1 main engine


Controller of 3D FloTrix® microSPIN 6-channel micro-bioreactor

1 controller


3D FloTrix® microSPIN 3D agitated cell culture plate 1pc/box, 5 boxes/case
W01-200 3D TableTrix® microcarrier tablet W01 2g/box
R001-500 3D FloTrix® Digest lysis buffer 0.5g/box
RMZ112 3D FloTrix® mesenchymal stem cell serum-free medium  Basic culture medium: 500 mL/bottle
Culture medium additive: 25 mL/bottle


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