3D Iintelligent" Manufacturing Platform for Cells

3D FloTrix® miniSPIN Bioreactor

Applied for small-scale production process validation and scientific exploration research of the suspension culture of adherent cells. Two alternative specifications—single-channel (S1) and four-channel (M2) options.
3D FloTrix
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■ Save space with its small size, and can be used in incubators of different specifications

■ The main engine is separated from the controller, with rpm able to be controlled in real time without frequently opening the door of the incubator

■ S1, compact structure; M2, alternative control modes

■ Culture flask with a variety of specifications available (125 mL/250 mL/500 mL), which is autoclave-applicable and reusable

■ Main engine designed with ultra-low speed stirring with rotation speed of 0–120 rpm and the accuracy of 1 rpm,Stable operations with low speed and high precision, which can effectively improve cell growth rate and avoid the damage of shearing force to cells during the stirring process

■ Controller with a 4.3-inch touchscreen and user-friendly interface for easy operations. Able to achieve dual-mode control of constant speed/variable speed, with programming function to meet various experimental needs

■ According to the needs of customers, the controller can be replaced with or upgraded to a fully automated perfusion system, which enables regular, timed, and quantitative liquid exchange, and thus avoids the risk of contamination from human operations





3D FloTrix® miniSPIN Bioreactor (1 controls 4)

miniSPIN M1

1 stirring table +1 controller

3D FloTrix® miniSPIN Bioreactor (2 controls 4)

miniSPIN M2

1 stirring table +2 controllers

3D FloTrix® miniSPIN Bioreactor (4 controls 4)

miniSPIN M4

1 stirring table +4 controllers

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