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New Product Launch | 3D FloTrix® vivaROCK Bioreactor Stystem

CytoNiche, the new star of 3D cell culture from Huafan Biologics, brings you a unique cell culture experience~
27 2024/03

Overseas Debut | Engaging with the World, CytoNiche Lights Up the Stage!

Singapore, as a key hub in the Asia-Pacific region for the biopharmaceutical sector, has provided an excellent platform for Hwagan Biotech to drive international business development through quality c
25 2024/03

Previously on the rising star of immunotherapy: NK cell therapy.

Growing NK cells, Huafan Biologicals has its own techniques.
20 2024/03

Caring for Women's Health | Clinical Studies on Stem Cell Therapy for Treating Women's Diseases

Exploring new treatment options for various women's diseases using the unique characteristics of stem cells can provide more effective medical choices for countless women.
12 2024/03

New Product Launch: 3D FloTrix® miniSPIN FLEX 4-Channel Bioreactor

Widely applicable in scientific research, R&D exploration, and small-scale production process validation, with diverse process modes and user-friendly operation for convenience.
05 2024/03

"Food Safety" Research Results Published: Large-Scale Production of Chicken Skeletal Muscle Cells Using 3D Microcarrier Systems

Using 3D TableTrix® microcarriers for suspended culture of myoblasts significantly enhances cell culture efficiency, laying the groundwork for the industrial production of cultured meat.
28 2024/02
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