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【Billion-Level Stem Cells Production】 On-site GMP Bootcamp Training Program was Successfully Held

CytoNiche Bio's inaugural "Billion-Level Stem Cell Production " bootcamp training program was successfully concluded at the CytoNiche’s Shanghai Center of Excellence (CoE) from August 15th to 22nd. This year, the bootcamp developed an interactive and immersive GMP setting to bring more than 20 technical elites from stem cell companies in China as well as, international participants. The bootcamp consisted of a mix of plenary training modules and lectures and interactive break-out sessions in smaller, more focused groups. The training was led by CytoNiche’s experts providing tips and feedback on scaling-up stem cells production and potential technical difficulties encountered by customers.
20 2023/09

Cellular "Smart" Drugs, Future Therapies | CytoNiche: Never Stops, Empowering the Development of CGT Industry

To further understand the forefront of industry technology development, promote the translation of research results, and deepen technical exchanges across various fields, the "Cellular Smart Drugs, Future Therapies" 2023 inaugural (Beijing) Cell-based Pharmaceutical Industry Development Conference, and the 5th Anniversary Celebration of CytoNiche Biotech, co-sponsored by the Regenerative Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Biotechnology and the Xieyi New Drug Talent Club, and co-organized by CytoNiche was grandly held at the Kun Tai Hotel in Beijing from August 26th to 27th.
28 2023/08

CytoNiche Biotech's 3D TableTrix® Microcarrier Receives FDA-DMF Type II Qualification Filing Again

Not only Type IV for pharmaceutical excipients, but also Type II for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished drugs!
27 2023/07

New! CytoNiche Biotech's 3D TableTrix® Microcarrier Receives 【FDA-DMF】 Qualification Filing

Issued by the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) under the United States FDA, this new qualification filing pertains to vaccines and biologic products, among other areas.
25 2023/07

Application of Novel 3D Porous Biodegradable Microcarrier in the Vaccine Field

The utilization of 3D TableTrix® Microcarrier V01 in conjunction with 3D FloTrix® Automated Bioreactor presents a more efficient large-scale suspension culture method for Vero cells, offering a new ch
11 2023/07

Major Breakthrough: 3D FloTrix® Serum-Free Culture Medium for Mesenchymal Stem Cells Officially Registered with 【DMF】

DMF Registration Number: 038476, Facilitating Clinical Submissions for Pharmaceutical Companies!
06 2023/07
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