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Exciting News | CytoNiche Biotech Honored on Deloitte's "China Pharmaceutical and Health Tomorrow Star" List

[Innovative Technology, Leading the Future] CytoNiche Biotech receives the Annual Pharmaceutical and Health Award once again.
28 2023/12

Strong Collaboration for a Shared Future | CytoNiche Biotech and Dabo Biopharma Enter into In-Depth Strategic Cooperation

Achieving a New Breakthrough in Collaboration: Through the joint construction of a 3D cell-scale intelligent manufacturing platform, CytoNiche Biotech and Dabo Biopharma will conduct clinical trials o
27 2023/12

Innovation-driven, Win-Win Cooperation | Successful Conclusion of Training on "Quality Management Standards for Raw Materials Used in the Production of Cell Therapy Products"

As a leading enterprise in the field of three-dimensional cell manufacturing, CytoNiche will continuously release standardized capabilities, research and development transformation capabilities, stimulate industry innovation, and lead the industry's vigorous development.
19 2023/12

Optimal Conditions for Microcarrier Cell Culture Technology | Introduction to the Seeding Process

Not only featuring optimal process references but also offering a chance to apply for a free trial of our core products.
30 2023/11

New Product Application | 3D TableTrix® G Series, Focused on the Gene Therapy Field

Efficient and high-yield! Sharing the large-scale cultivation and virus production process of 293T cells.
24 2023/11

Cytoniche's New Member in 3D Microcarriers — 3D TableTrix® G Series, Focused on Gene Therapy Field

Enabling the suspended cultivation of adherent cells, the 3D TableTrix® G Series provides an excellent choice for the "trial and error" phase in the development of gene therapy projects!
22 2023/11
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