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Telephone:+86  400-012 6688

Address:No.208, Building 1, Zone B, Yiyuan Cultural and Creative Industry Base, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Grow with the company

At CytoNiche, you can grow with the company. From 2018, we have grown from a small team to now around 100, and we are looking to more in the future. On company size,  we have also transformed from small R&D laboratory to the complex of national R&D center, production platform and sales network. Our team members are making rapid progress every day and fulfilling their own values.The future of CytoNiche will be together defined by you and us!


Entrepreneurship brings you infinity

Tired of the life that remains unchanged and repetitive work?

Join CytoNiche to build a business together!

Failing to find opportunities for promotion and raise?

Join CytoNiche for building up a business together!

Seeking opportunities in capability improvement?

Join CytoNiche for building up a business together!

At CytoNiche, you can choose the life you want to lead and the person you will become! 

 Training facilitates your career development

At CytoNiche, you can learn cell-related biotechnologies from leading technical experts, as well as learn production management and quality control from pharmaceutical experts. There are also trainings on intellectual property rights and lectures about workplace skills to fully satisfy your curiosity of knowledge.

Copyright: Beijing CytoNiche Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Copyright: Beijing CytoNiche Biotechnology Co., Ltd.